Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ok, whats with the only writing once a month?

I find it a little weird that the past two times I wanted to post a new blog was on the exact same day, a month later. A month is to dang long to even keep track of everything. Ok then, to continue where I left off. Brad and Eileen's wedding was amazing. I had a blast with everyone. I then went to the Florida vs. South Carolina game in S.C. with some other extended family. ( I have a biiiiig extended family) That was awesome. Thanksgiving was really delicious and it was good to see the rest of the family since I last saw them in July. I had to catch everyone up with whats been going on, how I came to leave Invisible Children, and what the heck I plan to do with my life.

That brings me up to here. Well sort of, I kinda skipped around a bit. I have been working with my Dad for the past few days and I really like it. Well more that I'm with him than the working part of it, but hey, can't win them all. As for some new plans, I am looking to get back to school in the spring, going to community college. And I have a new idea that has been brewing for a while. I would like to thank my mother for bouncing ideas back and forth with me about a week ago. I am not going into to much detail, but I think this is big. This idea is another way for me to "give" to others. P.S. that might have been a clue. If anyone reads these still.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello Hurricane

So it has been a long time running since my last post. A month. It has really been that long, and I gotta say, not much has changed. Living with my aunt and uncle and cousin in Texas was a lot of fun. It was great seeing them everyday and hanging out with Stephen a lot. We did have fun playing some video games and chatting and my aunt and I experimented with some awesome desserts. Fried Peaches and Cream. YUM!!!!

Anyway, life in Jersey has been treating me well....I missed Wawa like no other. I have been working on a few new songs with James and today we made some really good progress. What started out as a one verse song, became a little more than that by the end of our hour or so writing session. I am really excited to continue writing new songs because a little while back when I was still in Texas, this guy from a production company wanted to get me signed on to their website so I could be set up to do shows in and around Philly. What better motivation to write some more? Perhaps I will post soon with some lyrics or something. Maybe a link to the myspace so you can check out the demos or something

I will keep you all updated on the writing process and what exactly I will be doing come the next few months. Good things are coming. Good things. I will leave you with a lyric from the new Switchfoot album, Hello Hurricane called Free.

I've got my back against the wall
I can still hear the blue sky call
The chains that hold me back inside
All the prisons of my mind

Come set me free
Down on my knees
I still believe you can save me from me
Come set me free
I still believe
That inside this shell there's a prison cell

Saturday, October 10, 2009

(Enter Center Stage.)

(DATED and written 10/9/09) Today was my last day as an Invisible Children Roadie. As I type, I am on a bus headed to Hurst, Texas to live with my family there. After a mental, physical, and emotional struggle with being on the road, living with three strangers, being sick, and all of the other things, I decided it would be best to stop. This is something that may come off as something completely out of left field, but I really have been thinking and praying about everything for a while now. I can honestly say that I have never in my life been so certain of a decision until now. Usually it takes a long, long while for me to figure out that whatever road I chose was right for me. I strongly feel that God has some really awesome things coming for me in the near future and that I needed to head home to accomplish these things. I want to go back to school,(yes I did say that) I want to help out locally in changing people, and become a History Teacher/Counselor/Youth Leader. (I haven't quite gotten that down yet.) But, I can be certain that I was honestly meant to become a roadie, meet amazing people whom I will miss, and work and be a voice for the voiceless.

Now some people may think, that seems a little selfish not to finish what you came to do. Or fulfill your commitment to the children in northern Uganda. I would like to clarify that I will continue to do just that. I want to inspire people and open their eyes to something they might not have seen or heard of. I will continue to talk about Invisible Children, and try to do my part in ending the longest running war in East Africa. I encourage everyone to go to and sign the Citizen's Arrest Warrant. I will do my best to find places to show IC documentaries or somehow help people get involved. I still truly believe that this war can end. And I want to see this war end. I would love to talk about what Invisible Children is doing to put a stop to this. I just want to let you all know that being on the road for me, just was not working out. I grew so much from this experience and will be able to use what I learned for the rest of my life.

As I head in a different direction, I want to also let you know that I have a few things planned for the upcoming months. Music, Rock 4 Relief, possibly Young Life, Youth Group, and a few other things. I will keep you all posted. I will miss my Roadie Family a lot, and I hope they are understanding of my decision to leave. Any Roadies out there, I would love to meet up when this is all done and talk and hang out and I hope you feel the same. To my friends and family back home and around the East Coast I miss you, love you, I will talk to you all very soon(and see most for UB and Leenie's wedding).

Until Next Time, Peace and Love.

(Exit Stage Left)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Is Your Life

Gotta say, I love that song by Switchfoot. I have been listening to a lot of Switchfoot recently. I love their new song "Mess of Me" , its really good. Anyway, its been a while since I posted last, and I just wanted to update everyone on whats been going on. Well I have been sick. The rumors are true. Tonsillitis and an upper respiratory infection finally got me in. To be honest I have been a little sick since about a week before Tour launched. So basically 5 weeks. So I got dropped off in Hurst to stay with the family for a few days and go to a doctor. 5 days and 5 different meds later, I am still a little sick, but getting better. I really enjoyed staying with them and seeing Sarah, the girls, Ian, and hanging with Stephen. We went and saw Zombieland, which was really funny. Also I got to play a little video games while hanging with Stephen. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a really fun game to play. Anyways, I am now back with the team in Garland, and its back to work in the A.M.

We head to Waco Friday and then Houston on Monday, MY region! I hope it doesn't get to much crazier than it has been in the past week or two. More to come.


Monday, September 28, 2009

A Weekend of Fun and Family

Friday night we were lucky enough to be able to stop at the Heaton's in Hurst. (I like the sound of that) Saturday we had the day off and so the team and I went to Incredible Pizza, to eat, play games, win mad tickets, and not think of IC work and Salesforce. It was a great time. Then we went and saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and I highly enjoyed it. Sunday we had steak and potatoes as an early dinner with the family, and we were off to First United Methodist Church of Mansfield. It was a great crowd and the youth pastor is really awesome....(Brad, you got him beat though) We did pretty well on merch sales, we reached our main goals for the night, and we headed to Melissa's cousin Todd's house. He has a lot of really awesome pictures and paintings around his house.

As for today, we went to Cowboy Chow for some lunch. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I had red pepper brisket tacos and some rice. YUM! Following lunch we went to Good Records, to buy some music and whatnot. I bought a $5 book called Manifesto: An Anonymous Novel, and I have no idea what it is about. It starts right away and I think its just a rant of some guy's mind. Who knows, it may turn out to be really good. Either way it was 5 bucks so no complaints if it stinks.

I have no idea what is on the agenda for the night because our screening got canceled. I think we are staying with our Regional Manager, Lauren at her house tonight.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Garland, Texas

Team Texas is in.......well, Texas. We have been here for about a week and we have been so busy. We have been to a lot of different places all throughout West Texas. Currently, I am in Garland, which is outside of Dallas. It is very hard to not shout out "COWGIRLS ARE TERRIBLE!" at everything Dallas football I see. I did however see the Eagles game on Sunday. Even though they lost, it was the first time I watched T.V. in over a month.

I am really starting to miss a lot of people back home now though. Not to mention my Roadie family that is scattered to ALL, yes all, 50 states and Canada. In case I didn't mention it before, this is Invisible Children's biggest tour to date. Roadies are coming to every single state Hawaii and Alaska as well as parts of Canada. It is really crazy that we are really going that far.

Speaking of which, our number one goal for this tour is getting President Obama to sign the bill in Congress right now, "The LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009". As well as make a public statement by Christmas about how we as a country can do something about ending the longest war in Africa.

To sign the Citizen's Arrest Warrant, go here:

We are going to be hand delivering these to the Obama Administration December 15th. I really believe that we can end this war by Christmas, or have it be almost over at least. Just last week Joesph Kony's head security adviser was captured. He is being held for questioning and hopefully he will spill the beans and the deets (details) so to speak about where the heck Kony is hiding.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New mexico. First of anything here, getting locked out of the van with the keys in the egnition, running. What a fun birthday adventure. Took us a few minutes to figure our options. 1, unpack the back of the van because the window was open and we could get in that way. 2, try another window, or 3. Call AAA. We went with 2. Melissa somehow opened the passenger window and i used a stick to unlock the doors. Key to those situations, laugh and make it fun. Its not that bad. Just another pothole in life's road.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona

Well the very first part of tour is going great! We left San Diego on Wednesday and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to stay with the Waronkers. They have the most beautiful ranch I have ever seen. I love every one of their many dogs( 13 I think is the count) and their horses. It really is awesome out here. I will upload a picture soon to show you all how epic it is out here. Though it is really hot. But since its dry, its not that bad. I could live out here for sure. Don't worry I miss Jersey to much to live out here.....for now. :) Anyway, we are heading off to Las Cruces, New Mexico tomorrow. We are taking some back roads to NM for some really awesome views and some good food. Nothing like spending my birthday on the road getting some great food and seeing the wilderness. More like the desert.

More to come.

Peace and Love My Friends.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Working Title.

Today was our last day to book. I got 4 contracts in today. Today as a group, we all collectively have 1,000 screenings for this tour. My team needs like 3 more screenings and then we are in the good to go on tour. Our end of the work day was rolling and boxing shirts. FUN STUFF. This was followed by our last training of the day. Everyone thought we were going to have some long meeting or lecture on something. We were wrong. It wasn't until I saw some band equipment being set up in the conference room, did I understand what our last training was. The Working Title played a concert in our office. It was awesome. I mean how many people have a really awesome band play in their conference room?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

T-minus 1 week

We leave in one week. Wednesday. Its crazy to think that I have been in San Diego for almost a month. It has gone so fast. And now comes the most intense training. We have 3 more days to book, and then we have late night trainings on selling merch, test screenings, test q&a, test everything. We have to get there at 8am now instead of by 9, and we have meetings and trainings past 6pm now. So now we don't get home to the Roadie house until 9. Nothing like a 12 hour work day. So great. Yesterday we broke the 71 gong hits in 1 day with 117. It was awesome. Oh and I met Tom Shadyac last Thursday. He spoke to us while we had a bonfire on the beach. It was so beautiful and Tom said some really awesome things. Then after when we were all leaving, I asked him if he had read Ishmael, one of my favorite books. His response was that Morgan Freeman told him to read it and he loves Daniel Quinn.

In case you don't know who Tom Shadyac is, he directed great movies like: Liar Liar, Bruce and Evan Almighty, and Ace Ventura.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Team Texas Thank You....Rap

Check us out. We had to make a thank you video for homework tonight for all of the people who booked screenings with us already. I cant give full credit to any of us, we all worked together like the best team on Earth!

Phone calls are going well, and I did talk to Lakewood Church today. They did get my email, and my other phone call, and the woman I talked to said she would send it up the ladder and to other people who would be interested in having us. This is going better than I initially thought. But anything is possible. JUMP FIRST, FEAR LATER.- An IC tradition.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Adventures....

To start, I booked a screening on Friday. Total Gong Hit Count: 2 hits. (should be better but I'm working on it). Onto the weekend. Saturday came and went without much of a fuss. Went to eat at Subway, walked around town, did some salesforce(the website we use for work), and relaxed. Today was different, more of an adventure.

Some of us decided yesterday that we really wanted to go to the movies and see the Inglorious Bastards, the new Quentin Tarantino movie. I wanted to go to the theater in El Cajon, instead of Grossmont because El Cajon was a Regal theater and thanks to my wonderful cousin, I have a free movie pass. Sounds like a great idea right? Nope. We got to El Cajon station and found out that the movie theater was 1.8 miles away from the station. And 30 minutes to get there. No pressure. I mean come on, the previews are the best part for new movies.

Finally we get to the theater and realize there is a really long line and we don't have much time. We hop in the express lane and I figure out that I cant use my movie pass. Terrific. The movie was great and then we wanted to meet up with a few more people for dinner. Long story short, we should have gone to the Grossmont theater since I paid for my ticket and that's where we were meeting up for dinner.

Instead of walking, we wanted to take the bus to the trolley station. I found one but because it was like 30 feet in the opposite direction, the rest of the gang wanted to keep walking. "We will find another bus stop." No we won't. And we didn't. We kept walking back the whole way and was pasted by like 2 buses we could have been on. Basically every decision we had was wrong, and we should have just stayed in Grossmont, and everything would have just worked out. Instead, we had a very long walk to the theater and a very fun day. I am still laughing about it. Welcome to Suckyville. Population me. Just kidding.

I know this was a long post but thanks for staying with me. 10 work days to book 20 screenings. more like 80 for my whole team. No pressure.

P.S. I am sooooo booking Lakewood Church. In case you don't know what that is or don't feel like googling it....Joel Osteen's church. I am booking a screening. That's my goal. My moonshot. 44,000 people go there. Its possible.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At Invisible Children we work...and do the Thriller dance? YUP!

Its true. We did stay up all night to learn the dance. All for Margie's Birthday. If you can find me, you have really good eyes. I was in the back since I am not the greatest dancer in the world. Anyway, that is what we did today during our lunch break. We do actually work. I booked a screening on Monday, along with my entire team! I am pretty sure we are still the only team to get all of its members to ring the gong in one day. Basically we are great. Still that puts me at 1 screening booked, and I should be getting one a day. Its hard to have a principal or their secretary call you back when they don't want to forward the messages along. I think every district needs a Barbara Sweeney. (heart you mom) That's basically the highlights of this week so far. Being on the phone and computer ALL day certainly takes a toll on you. I get back to the Roadie House and want to pass out. Its INTENSE.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Balboa Park

Today I got to meet Dan Cohen in Balboa Park. It took me a bit to get there but, we walked around and grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Natural History Museum and the Body Worlds was there. Pretty interesting stuff. Then we had to part ways after chilling in the beautiful San Diego weather. And then real adventure began. I had no idea where I was going because I didn't really know how exactly I got to Balboa Park in the first place. I asked a lot of locals if I was in the right direction and it confused me a little. But anyway I walked and walked and somehow found myself in the center of San Diego. A little off course. I asked a few people at a bus stop where to go and I got on a bus. I somehow made it to the main "trolley" aka train station and headed home. I think I walked about 5 miles. Who knows? But all in all a good day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Phones....BOOKING TOMORROW!

Yeah that's right. Starting tomorrow, we will begin the booking process. Phone calls and emails will be made to our new contacts. We have been here a week and we have learned so much, so much that they feel we are ready to start booking. I am very excited to start on the phones. Another note, I decided that going to Uganda on such a short notice is just not practical. If I were to go this soon, I would have $500 left of the original $1500(to feed me on the tour) and have Zero dollars in my bank account and still be short to go. Its just not the best time for me financially. Though there will be a time where we can go again. The beginning of January, IC will be sending the people who couldn't go in September to Uganda. So if you would like to help fund that trip, IT WOULD MEAN A LOT. Plus now that I am choosing to go later, I have more time to raise the $2000 to go. So continue the support in any way you choose. Prayer, thoughts, donations, anything and everything helps. Thank you all

-Peace and Love

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Foot Soldier of Peace.....(Uganda)

I would like to start by saying Thank You again for everyone who helped me get out here in San Diego. I cant stress it enough. With that said, I have another favor to ask of you. I have been given another chance of a lifetime, going to Uganda. Again, I need your help. 2 grand is the cost of the trip, and I will be leaving September 5th and will be back September 15th. So as an early birthday present, for I will be in Uganda for my birthday(with your help), please donate some more money so I can go to Africa. Invisible Children is trying to send one person from each Roadie team to Africa so we can experience it in real life. Then take our experiences and bring them home to high school and college students who haven't heard about the cause. Also another favor to ask would be to continue to pray for me and my fellow Roadies. 60 people in one house is going well, but we all will be tested come go time. Thank You So Much!!

-Peace and Love

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming in the Pacific

This weekend IC said we could have the weekend off. This was great to hear because of all the work we have been doing already. To put it in perspective, we are learning 9 months of things in 1 month. So anyway today we went to the beach. Being that I didn't know when the next time we would have off, I decided I could not pass up going to the beach. I mean how many times will I be able to swim in the Pacific Ocean? So today was really fun. I must say that I didn't expect so much seaweed everywhere. Mounds and mounds of it piled up on the sand and floated in the water. It was crazy. But the water was warm and the sand was somehow softer than at Jersey. I know many of you reading cant wait for some pictures of what is going on.....I haven't gotten my computer charger from home out of the mail.(monday hopefully as well as my camera chord?) So I have been mooching off of fellow roadies. Thank you so much. Oh and by the way, maybe we should talk about Uganda? Yeah its official..... They are sending one person from each team to go to Uganda the last week of training. Beginning of September. If I go, I would need some more money, but also would turn 20 in another continent. If I cant go so soon, they are planning on having another trip in January. That is all, I know this one was a long one, I miss you all and heart you very much. More to come!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So today was our first day at the office. Basically in an overview of the day, they cramed about a weeks worth of info in about a 8 hour day. We went out to lunch at a lil mexican place down the street and I had my first California Burrito and it was great. Closest thing to something from "RU Hungry?" I will probably get out here and it is amazing good. And as great way to end the day, our van almost went to Mexico. Bascially we missed our exit and didnt realize it fully until we saw "International Line 2 Miles". If only I brought my passport. More to come on this weeks stuff.

First full day in San Diego....more like La Mesa.

Waking up today was nice because I thought that it was around 12 or so but on the West Coast, it was around 9. Today was a free day for us and so I had some time to explore La Mesa. A bunch of us went to a really chill coffee house downtown and hung out intil a lil after lunch. Then I desided that I need some food so I went to Vons(aka Acme) to get some food. I think there was 7 of us who went to Vons and we desided it would be a great idea that we just buy a lot of big things to make and we split it. (Team Oz...for Chad is in our group and he from Australia) We wound up spending around $110 alltogether which worked out to be around $25 a person. The only thing we forgot to remember was the GIANT hill that the Roadie House is on and how these totally full carts were going to get up this hill. Needless to say we made it up, more Roadies arrived, and then we had a great dinner of tacos. Then met up outside the office and watched a great movie...made it back to ....MJ just high jacked this computer Clark is great!....Grilled Pineapple after soaking in brown suguar, cinnamin, and greatness is what I have to look forward to. This sounds soooo good. Oh and by the way everyone has the feeling that my name is a famous person name and I should have a theme music that should play everytime I enter the room. I think its a great idea.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just landed in san diego. Waiting to get my bags. Fire alarm? I think yes. Fire trucks? Yup. But the funny thing is everyone is still waiting for their bags.
My last day in jersey went by fast. I feel like i didnt have enough time for anything. But i did sleep most of the day away. That didnt help. As i sit at the gate i can tell this flight going to be packed. Oh well i got a book and my ipod. 5 hours till s.d. Goodbye city of brotherly love, hello city of a whale's something.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Last Night in Jersey

Well, where to begin. To put it lightly, today was a busy day for me. Very busy. I woke up early enough to get ready for church this morning and couldn't help but realize how blessed I am. To quote a favorite band of mine Ivoryline, "We should scream Thank You with every waking breath." This is how I felt. Last night was my goodbye kickoff party and about twenty of my good friends joined me to hang out one last time. I had a blast and thank you all for coming and supporting me in this adventure. Back to church this morning. Did our usual thing by sitting in the "Amen Corner" during the service. My pastor called me up before the usual offering prayer and announced what I will be doing for the next few months and handed me the mic to sum up everything. After that, I recieved a farewell prayer from P.S.(Pastor Steve) and sat back down. At the end of the service lots of people came to wish me good luck and best wishes and ask a few questions. A few donated some money and I am thankful for every part of it. I found out about an organization I havent heard of but is equally awesome called, Angels for a Cause. Check out their website because its good stuff. After all of this I had to see off a good friend to college at a grad party, send off my best friend in Ireland(lucky bum), and get home in time for the last family dinner out with the grandparents. Dinner was great and I loved every minute of it. This now leaves me here, at my desk surrouned by things to pack, still having to do the dishes one last time, and waiting to watch my last episode of Entourage with Sarah.

I guess I wrote a lot for my first blog. Dont worry I wont have as much time to write when I am on the road and in San Diego. I love you all and will miss you lots. Check my facebook for pictures of this adventure of epic proportions.