Saturday, October 10, 2009

(Enter Center Stage.)

(DATED and written 10/9/09) Today was my last day as an Invisible Children Roadie. As I type, I am on a bus headed to Hurst, Texas to live with my family there. After a mental, physical, and emotional struggle with being on the road, living with three strangers, being sick, and all of the other things, I decided it would be best to stop. This is something that may come off as something completely out of left field, but I really have been thinking and praying about everything for a while now. I can honestly say that I have never in my life been so certain of a decision until now. Usually it takes a long, long while for me to figure out that whatever road I chose was right for me. I strongly feel that God has some really awesome things coming for me in the near future and that I needed to head home to accomplish these things. I want to go back to school,(yes I did say that) I want to help out locally in changing people, and become a History Teacher/Counselor/Youth Leader. (I haven't quite gotten that down yet.) But, I can be certain that I was honestly meant to become a roadie, meet amazing people whom I will miss, and work and be a voice for the voiceless.

Now some people may think, that seems a little selfish not to finish what you came to do. Or fulfill your commitment to the children in northern Uganda. I would like to clarify that I will continue to do just that. I want to inspire people and open their eyes to something they might not have seen or heard of. I will continue to talk about Invisible Children, and try to do my part in ending the longest running war in East Africa. I encourage everyone to go to and sign the Citizen's Arrest Warrant. I will do my best to find places to show IC documentaries or somehow help people get involved. I still truly believe that this war can end. And I want to see this war end. I would love to talk about what Invisible Children is doing to put a stop to this. I just want to let you all know that being on the road for me, just was not working out. I grew so much from this experience and will be able to use what I learned for the rest of my life.

As I head in a different direction, I want to also let you know that I have a few things planned for the upcoming months. Music, Rock 4 Relief, possibly Young Life, Youth Group, and a few other things. I will keep you all posted. I will miss my Roadie Family a lot, and I hope they are understanding of my decision to leave. Any Roadies out there, I would love to meet up when this is all done and talk and hang out and I hope you feel the same. To my friends and family back home and around the East Coast I miss you, love you, I will talk to you all very soon(and see most for UB and Leenie's wedding).

Until Next Time, Peace and Love.

(Exit Stage Left)


  1. Clark, As far as I'm concerned,EXIT STAGE LEFT is only a temporary direction. In my mind, you will be back on CENTER STAGE with a bright spotlight on you in no time. That's how I've always seen you.....and that's how it will always be. Every great performance has a try out on the road. That's when you keep what is best for you, and rewrite what isn't. You are a stellar individual. God knows that, and so does everyone who has ever met you. I can't wait to see you in your next role. I KNOW the reviews will be smashing. Love DadDad PS> I know you already know, if given the choice to have you either 'THERE' or 'HERE', which one MomMom and I would choose!

  2. Clark,

    Your roadie family loves and misses you greatly. I know I personally am going to take you up on that offer to meet up when this is all done, as we've discussed already (Boston perhaps?). I am bummed we won't be seeing each other in November, but I know our paths will cross some day very soon. You're a truly unique a phenomenal human being and don't you forget it! I miss you. Stay strong and stay gold.

    Peace and Love,