Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello Hurricane

So it has been a long time running since my last post. A month. It has really been that long, and I gotta say, not much has changed. Living with my aunt and uncle and cousin in Texas was a lot of fun. It was great seeing them everyday and hanging out with Stephen a lot. We did have fun playing some video games and chatting and my aunt and I experimented with some awesome desserts. Fried Peaches and Cream. YUM!!!!

Anyway, life in Jersey has been treating me well....I missed Wawa like no other. I have been working on a few new songs with James and today we made some really good progress. What started out as a one verse song, became a little more than that by the end of our hour or so writing session. I am really excited to continue writing new songs because a little while back when I was still in Texas, this guy from a production company wanted to get me signed on to their website so I could be set up to do shows in and around Philly. What better motivation to write some more? Perhaps I will post soon with some lyrics or something. Maybe a link to the myspace so you can check out the demos or something www.myspace.com/theautomaticimpulse

I will keep you all updated on the writing process and what exactly I will be doing come the next few months. Good things are coming. Good things. I will leave you with a lyric from the new Switchfoot album, Hello Hurricane called Free.

I've got my back against the wall
I can still hear the blue sky call
The chains that hold me back inside
All the prisons of my mind

Come set me free
Down on my knees
I still believe you can save me from me
Come set me free
I still believe
That inside this shell there's a prison cell

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