Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Last Night in Jersey

Well, where to begin. To put it lightly, today was a busy day for me. Very busy. I woke up early enough to get ready for church this morning and couldn't help but realize how blessed I am. To quote a favorite band of mine Ivoryline, "We should scream Thank You with every waking breath." This is how I felt. Last night was my goodbye kickoff party and about twenty of my good friends joined me to hang out one last time. I had a blast and thank you all for coming and supporting me in this adventure. Back to church this morning. Did our usual thing by sitting in the "Amen Corner" during the service. My pastor called me up before the usual offering prayer and announced what I will be doing for the next few months and handed me the mic to sum up everything. After that, I recieved a farewell prayer from P.S.(Pastor Steve) and sat back down. At the end of the service lots of people came to wish me good luck and best wishes and ask a few questions. A few donated some money and I am thankful for every part of it. I found out about an organization I havent heard of but is equally awesome called, Angels for a Cause. Check out their website because its good stuff. After all of this I had to see off a good friend to college at a grad party, send off my best friend in Ireland(lucky bum), and get home in time for the last family dinner out with the grandparents. Dinner was great and I loved every minute of it. This now leaves me here, at my desk surrouned by things to pack, still having to do the dishes one last time, and waiting to watch my last episode of Entourage with Sarah.

I guess I wrote a lot for my first blog. Dont worry I wont have as much time to write when I am on the road and in San Diego. I love you all and will miss you lots. Check my facebook for pictures of this adventure of epic proportions.

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  1. Great work Clark-master. Hope those dishes are shiny and you got everything packed!