Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming in the Pacific

This weekend IC said we could have the weekend off. This was great to hear because of all the work we have been doing already. To put it in perspective, we are learning 9 months of things in 1 month. So anyway today we went to the beach. Being that I didn't know when the next time we would have off, I decided I could not pass up going to the beach. I mean how many times will I be able to swim in the Pacific Ocean? So today was really fun. I must say that I didn't expect so much seaweed everywhere. Mounds and mounds of it piled up on the sand and floated in the water. It was crazy. But the water was warm and the sand was somehow softer than at Jersey. I know many of you reading cant wait for some pictures of what is going on.....I haven't gotten my computer charger from home out of the mail.(monday hopefully as well as my camera chord?) So I have been mooching off of fellow roadies. Thank you so much. Oh and by the way, maybe we should talk about Uganda? Yeah its official..... They are sending one person from each team to go to Uganda the last week of training. Beginning of September. If I go, I would need some more money, but also would turn 20 in another continent. If I cant go so soon, they are planning on having another trip in January. That is all, I know this one was a long one, I miss you all and heart you very much. More to come!!!

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