Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Adventures....

To start, I booked a screening on Friday. Total Gong Hit Count: 2 hits. (should be better but I'm working on it). Onto the weekend. Saturday came and went without much of a fuss. Went to eat at Subway, walked around town, did some salesforce(the website we use for work), and relaxed. Today was different, more of an adventure.

Some of us decided yesterday that we really wanted to go to the movies and see the Inglorious Bastards, the new Quentin Tarantino movie. I wanted to go to the theater in El Cajon, instead of Grossmont because El Cajon was a Regal theater and thanks to my wonderful cousin, I have a free movie pass. Sounds like a great idea right? Nope. We got to El Cajon station and found out that the movie theater was 1.8 miles away from the station. And 30 minutes to get there. No pressure. I mean come on, the previews are the best part for new movies.

Finally we get to the theater and realize there is a really long line and we don't have much time. We hop in the express lane and I figure out that I cant use my movie pass. Terrific. The movie was great and then we wanted to meet up with a few more people for dinner. Long story short, we should have gone to the Grossmont theater since I paid for my ticket and that's where we were meeting up for dinner.

Instead of walking, we wanted to take the bus to the trolley station. I found one but because it was like 30 feet in the opposite direction, the rest of the gang wanted to keep walking. "We will find another bus stop." No we won't. And we didn't. We kept walking back the whole way and was pasted by like 2 buses we could have been on. Basically every decision we had was wrong, and we should have just stayed in Grossmont, and everything would have just worked out. Instead, we had a very long walk to the theater and a very fun day. I am still laughing about it. Welcome to Suckyville. Population me. Just kidding.

I know this was a long post but thanks for staying with me. 10 work days to book 20 screenings. more like 80 for my whole team. No pressure.

P.S. I am sooooo booking Lakewood Church. In case you don't know what that is or don't feel like googling it....Joel Osteen's church. I am booking a screening. That's my goal. My moonshot. 44,000 people go there. Its possible.

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