Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Phones....BOOKING TOMORROW!

Yeah that's right. Starting tomorrow, we will begin the booking process. Phone calls and emails will be made to our new contacts. We have been here a week and we have learned so much, so much that they feel we are ready to start booking. I am very excited to start on the phones. Another note, I decided that going to Uganda on such a short notice is just not practical. If I were to go this soon, I would have $500 left of the original $1500(to feed me on the tour) and have Zero dollars in my bank account and still be short to go. Its just not the best time for me financially. Though there will be a time where we can go again. The beginning of January, IC will be sending the people who couldn't go in September to Uganda. So if you would like to help fund that trip, IT WOULD MEAN A LOT. Plus now that I am choosing to go later, I have more time to raise the $2000 to go. So continue the support in any way you choose. Prayer, thoughts, donations, anything and everything helps. Thank you all

-Peace and Love


  1. Clarkster, It's great to "catch up" with you. Every day when I get home Mom Mom says" Did you talk with Gavin?" Yes. "What did he have to say about Clark?" So now that I caught up with your blog, I will have lots to tell her. In fact I'll even set it up at home for her to see for herself! Sounds like you're enjoying the program and your team members. And NEEDLESS to say, you surely are enjoying California, right?
    See any surfer babes stuck in that seaweed??

    Good luck with your phone calls and e-mails. You will be able to charm everyone you talk with, so I'm sure this will be the easy part for YOU!

    Our love and prayers will follow you always. You are the absolute best! Love daddad

  2. Clark, Tell your mom and dad I said hi!!....I cannot figure out how they got their message to me on here...but tell them I am on Facebook and I do know how to do that!LOL!

    Hope you guys are doing great...i just popped a little care package for your team in the mail! Y'all are in my prayers!
    Beth Murdoch