Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First full day in San Diego....more like La Mesa.

Waking up today was nice because I thought that it was around 12 or so but on the West Coast, it was around 9. Today was a free day for us and so I had some time to explore La Mesa. A bunch of us went to a really chill coffee house downtown and hung out intil a lil after lunch. Then I desided that I need some food so I went to Vons(aka Acme) to get some food. I think there was 7 of us who went to Vons and we desided it would be a great idea that we just buy a lot of big things to make and we split it. (Team Oz...for Chad is in our group and he from Australia) We wound up spending around $110 alltogether which worked out to be around $25 a person. The only thing we forgot to remember was the GIANT hill that the Roadie House is on and how these totally full carts were going to get up this hill. Needless to say we made it up, more Roadies arrived, and then we had a great dinner of tacos. Then met up outside the office and watched a great movie...made it back to ....MJ just high jacked this computer Clark is great!....Grilled Pineapple after soaking in brown suguar, cinnamin, and greatness is what I have to look forward to. This sounds soooo good. Oh and by the way everyone has the feeling that my name is a famous person name and I should have a theme music that should play everytime I enter the room. I think its a great idea.


  1. What are you thinking for your theme song? For sure, I think there should be horns in the accompaniment.

  2. Would the Hallelujah Chorus be too much? ;)