Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At Invisible Children we work...and do the Thriller dance? YUP!

Its true. We did stay up all night to learn the dance. All for Margie's Birthday. If you can find me, you have really good eyes. I was in the back since I am not the greatest dancer in the world. Anyway, that is what we did today during our lunch break. We do actually work. I booked a screening on Monday, along with my entire team! I am pretty sure we are still the only team to get all of its members to ring the gong in one day. Basically we are great. Still that puts me at 1 screening booked, and I should be getting one a day. Its hard to have a principal or their secretary call you back when they don't want to forward the messages along. I think every district needs a Barbara Sweeney. (heart you mom) That's basically the highlights of this week so far. Being on the phone and computer ALL day certainly takes a toll on you. I get back to the Roadie House and want to pass out. Its INTENSE.

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