Monday, August 10, 2009

A Foot Soldier of Peace.....(Uganda)

I would like to start by saying Thank You again for everyone who helped me get out here in San Diego. I cant stress it enough. With that said, I have another favor to ask of you. I have been given another chance of a lifetime, going to Uganda. Again, I need your help. 2 grand is the cost of the trip, and I will be leaving September 5th and will be back September 15th. So as an early birthday present, for I will be in Uganda for my birthday(with your help), please donate some more money so I can go to Africa. Invisible Children is trying to send one person from each Roadie team to Africa so we can experience it in real life. Then take our experiences and bring them home to high school and college students who haven't heard about the cause. Also another favor to ask would be to continue to pray for me and my fellow Roadies. 60 people in one house is going well, but we all will be tested come go time. Thank You So Much!!

-Peace and Love

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