Friday, September 11, 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona

Well the very first part of tour is going great! We left San Diego on Wednesday and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to stay with the Waronkers. They have the most beautiful ranch I have ever seen. I love every one of their many dogs( 13 I think is the count) and their horses. It really is awesome out here. I will upload a picture soon to show you all how epic it is out here. Though it is really hot. But since its dry, its not that bad. I could live out here for sure. Don't worry I miss Jersey to much to live out here.....for now. :) Anyway, we are heading off to Las Cruces, New Mexico tomorrow. We are taking some back roads to NM for some really awesome views and some good food. Nothing like spending my birthday on the road getting some great food and seeing the wilderness. More like the desert.

More to come.

Peace and Love My Friends.

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